Wooden Boat Restoration & Repairs

Wooden Boat Restoration & Repairs

Keeping wooden boats afloat. 
VIP Marine is repairing and restoring classic and antique wooden boats.

Wooden Boats Repairs and Maintenance

VIP Marine in Sydney continues to offer a full range of marine services to wooden boats of all types, from simple maintenance through complete restoration. We specialize in the repair of wood boats but regularly work on fiberglass, steel and ferro-cement sailboats as well as motor craft. 
A skilled and dedicated group of craftsmen take pride in the work they perform on every vessel that comes to the VIP Marine.

Our Wooden Boat Services in Sydney include:
  • Boat Deck Repair
  • Boat Hull Repair
  • Boat Bottom Repair
  • Full Boat Restoration
  • Teak Decking

Wooden Boat Painting and Varnishing

The varnished wood on many boats is referred to as "Brightwork". 

You can have just a few pieces of brightwork such as hand rails, toe rails, transom or your whole boat can be finished brite. 

Doing the brightwork on a entire boat can be quite time consuming and may require extensive periodic maintenance but for the do-it-yourself persons can be a great source of pride.

Wooden Boat Restoration

VIP Marine's mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality restoration work at an affordable price. 

We strive for perfection in all of our work, and we are there for our loyal customers, who sought out and appreciate our high quality work.

Wooden Boat and Yachts services:

Interior Work
If there's any interior work that needs to be performed on your boat, we'll be happy to restore it, refinish it, or make modifications. We can perform interior work on both cruisers and sailboats.

Full Restorations
We can and has done award winning restoration projects as well as customization to the owner's specifications. 

If your boat requires chroming or rechroming, we can have the finest refinishers, who use the triple chrome process for both luster and durability.

Regular Maintenance
When it comes to boat maintenance, VIP Marine can provide the best whether it's spring commissioning or winterising.
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