Slipping & Antifoul

Slipping & Antifoul services in Sydney Harbour

Antifouling & Slipway Services in Sydney Harbour.
We can accommodate vessels up to 60 foot. Quality service and top of the range antifoul system.


The hull is thoroughly cleaned using high pressure water blaster to clean and remove most organic growth, cleaning of the hull water line, removing scum staining on the hull, priming of the hull.
Your vessel's hull will be completely pressure blasted and all growth removed.
The hull is then prepared for anti-foul.

Where old anti-foul has worn off the hull is areas are prepped with a 2 pack epoxy
primer prior to the anti-foul being applied. We use international brand anti-fouls paints.
STERNDRIVES are specifically anti-fouled with anti-foul coatings specially developed
to be applied to aluminium surfaces.

Other Shipwright Services

Gel Coat Repairs, Fibreglass repairs and fabrication, Painting and Varnishing, Teak Decking, Interior Fitouts, Marine upholstery and trimming, Electrical, Mechanical Servicing & Repairs, Survey Services.

All of these services are provided by fully qualified trades personnel working
with VIP Marine.

Antifoul and slipping in Sydney Harbour

Regular maintenance is crucial for all yachts and boats. 
For boats that spend the majority of their time in the water, antifouling is a necessity. 

Antifoul is a specialised paint that slows the growth of barnacles, algae and marine organisms that attach to the hull and can affect a vessel’s performance, durability and fuel-efficiency.

Boat Engine Degreasing & Bilge Cleaning

Leave the dirty jobs to us. 
We know there’s no use in having a vessel that looks the part but is struggling underneath. Boat engines and bilges are often neglected areas. They are usually from where odours originate, and due to being awkward and difficult areas to clean, they are left until there is a problem.
If you are selling your boat and these areas are unsightly, it can lead prospective purchasers to assume neglect to engine management and interior workings of the plumbing. Waste from degreasing is also an issue, as it is not allowed to enter our water ways.
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